PeCo LC / LC high Featured

Head-detection for wide and highly frequented passage areas, even outdoors - shopping centres, pedestrian precincts, events, etc.

The PeCo LC LASERSCANNER registers people movements in all possible entrance, exit and passage areas of properties as well as pedestrians without restricting the motion of the captured people by canalisation. By means of special laser detectors the movement direction of all people inside the detection range is recorded and thereby the quantity of the in- and outgoing people can be determined.

The count information are displayed via switch outputs and a serial RS 422 interface. An additional Ethernet-Connection is available, too. As a result a quick data transfer is ensued even at great distances inside buildings. Furthermore an impulse output is directly transmitted via GSM to the server.

Presentation of the new PeCo LC people counting device by our sales staff Mrs. Raphaela Tegründe and Mr. Arnulf Wulff.

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