PeCo SC / SC high Featured

Head detection for normal entrance areas like

  • entrance, exit and passage areas of local shops like stores, boutiques, etc.
  • main and secondary entrances of shopping centres, public builidings, etc.

Because of the fact that this type is a stereo-camera, an accuracy of 98% will be obtained. By the use of 3D-technology reliable results will be achieved also in difficult counting situations . The PeCo SC registers movements of people in the most entrance, exit and passage areas of properties without restricting the motion of the captured people by canalisation. The movement direction of all people inside the detection range is recorded, and thereby the quantity of the in- and outgoing people can be determined.

The PeCo SC and the PeCo SC high are applicable for the detection of people streams and customer frequencies in the sales- and personell management at all service sectors regarding trade and economy.